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Vietnam-evisa.com.vn is a commercial website. Operated by Saomai Trading and Travel Development Company Limited. We are a travel agency & DMC based in Vietnam dedicated to giving traveler a sampling of the history, culture, architecture, and resources of Vietnam.
We ensures that our clients would always be well cared by the friendly, communicative sale & operation staffs. All requirements are being handle within 24 hours, usually way faster with an A-class service and VIP treatment as supporting your bookings every step of the way, understanding your market.

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Follow 3 steps to get Vietnam visa.
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Excluding US $25/person as stamping fee payable in cash at Vietnam airport.

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(Highly recommended) We provide airport services that will help you enjoy relaxed airport experiences from start to finish.
Fast arrivals, smooth connections, easy departures – passing the long lines of busy airports is now easier than ever.

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Vietnam Arrival Assistance

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